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Annual Meeting


Admission $25 for annual dues

Newburgh Preservation Association, fondly known as "NPA", celebrated its 40th year in 2018. 40 years of advocacy and education dedicated to preserving and promoting the City of Newburgh's architectural heritage and historic viewsheds makes NPA a Newburgh institution. Without your membership, NPA cannot continue to promote our ongoing mission. Now is the time to pay your NPA membership dues – at only $25 it is a bargain. NPA will gladly accept greater generosity to help support our mission. Please mail your checks to P.O. Box 206, Newburgh, NY 12551. Do so before the end of the year, so you can take the tax deduction.

2018 was NPA's year to  strengthen our internal infrastructure. We did this by starting the ongoing process of creating a new website with a design focused for mobile users. In 2019 we hope to have the capability to accept membership dues via our new website. This year we began the process of developing historical walking tours which can be used by anyone on their phone.  As NPA Board President, I had the opportunity to speak at US Senator Kristen Gillibrand press conference in the City of Newburgh to promote her Federal Historic Preservation Fund. I also had the chance to speak with NFA students about creating their own walking tours of Newburgh. NPA sponsored a Treasure Hunt photo exhibit by NFA students who taught us how to see the beauty of our majestic City on the hill.  
We are excited to introduce our four newly elected Board members at our annual meeting: Former City of Newburgh Mayor Nicholas Valentine, Gabrielle Hill, Tal Gluck , and Terry Alhers. We are sad that NPA figure head and past president, Nancy Thomas, will be leaving our board of decades of service. She was integral to the longevity of NPA. 
Happy holidays filled with love and warmth.
Very truly yours,
Allison Cappella

NPA's Annual Meeting is January 13, 2018 at 2:00 p.m. at the Goldsmith-Denniston House
227 Montgomery Street, Newburgh, NY 12550